Mike Harris, President: Mike has been working with Victor O'Neill Studios for over twenty years. His life-long career in the photography and yearbook business, combined with his constant search for innovative ways to improve service and quality, and being the father of four children in public school give him a unique ability to maintain Victor O'Neill Studio's competitive advantage. Good thing he likes kids so much...



Julie diNapoli, Underclass Pictures Manager: Julie has been working for Victor O'Neill for seven years. She supervises all aspects of school pictures for grades K-11. When not at work, Julie loves spending time with her family, especially when it involves sunblock, a beach umbrella and boogie boards.


Jenn Parris, Office Manager: Jenn recently moved from Atlanta to pursue a career with Victor O'Neill Studios. She has spent most of her young adult career working in photography labs as a digital artist, while trying to grow as a digital photographer.  If Jenn's photography career fails to take off before she is forty, she will spend more time in the kitchen like Julia Childs.


Claudia Z. Doyon, Sports Pictures Manager: Claudia has been with Victor O’Neill Studios since August of 2009, after moving to Arlington, VA from her home country, Lima, Peru in January of that year. Claudia has over 4 years of experience in the school picture industry and has a passion for her work. She is in charge of all sports-related pictures. More than anything, Claudia loves being able to work with such amazing, smart people. When Claudia is not at work she enjoys reveling in being a newlywed.



Henry Thomas, Photographer

Henry Thomas, Head Photographer: Henry has worked with Victor O'Neill Studios since the 1980s. He trains all Victor O'Neill photographers and manages Victor O'Neill's field staff. Henry is a graduate of the Visual Arts Institute and in addition to being a highly skilled photographer, is a licensed journeyman compositor.


Yar Hasanov, Staff Photographer: Yar has been working with Victor O’Neill Studios since 2002. He has a masters degree in art and music and has received numerous awards for his photography. Yar is married and has two children who give him lots and lots of practice with the camera.


David Simpson, Director of Sales and Marketing: David brings over twenty years of experience in small business ownership, nonprofit management, and education to his work at Victor O'Neill Studios. David thrives on building strong professional relationships that bring out the best in all involved. His years as an elementary school teacher give him invaluable insights into the stresses and pressures faced by teachers and school staff, and the importance of school pictures to students and families. David thinks it's awesome that he gets to hang out in schools all day and not have any homework.



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